8 Tips to Start Your Salon Online Payment

Why Salon Online Payment is Important?

It is a thorough digital age in 2021 that clients prefer digital life when they go anywhere they can conveniently pay by card or phone

The revenue of your salon will increase when you prepared the salon online payment even there are people who rely on paying in cash.

There is no doubt that clients incline to your salon shop when they see the apparent billboard that shows your salon online payment is available. 

Once you don’t go with the technological trends, on the contrary, your benefits would drop especially under the pandemic. 

Hence it really matters to boost your salon by configuring a contactless salon online payment solution, and it will also attract more clients when you have salon online payment.

Salon Online Payment is not just about online scheduling and credit card swiping, it will also make your payment management effective and professional

You can effectively run your business using tools and software that make sense for your brand and supports long-term growth. 

If you haven’t set up salon online payment for your salon or you would like to improve your salon online payment, continue to read the following 8 tips to start/improve your salon online payment.

8 Tips To Start Your Salon Online Payment

8 Tips to Start Salon Online Payment
8 Tips to Start Salon Online Payment

Select a Better Salon Software to Associate Salon Online Payment

As we all can imagine, we can’t start salon online payment only by a bank account.

You need a bridge to connect your account to other online accounts/bank accounts to collect money, and salon software is necessary to enable salon online payment.

Beauty Wemero is a good salon software to satisfy your salon online payment, and improve your salon business with powerful Marketing Tools! 

Connect your Stripe account to the Software

We recommend that you can create a Stripe account to accept more types of payment from different banks.

Then bound your Stripe with your software to realize the salon online payment.

Build up an Online Booking Website to Accept Salon Online Payment 

The online booking and salon online payment features will benefit each other once they are connected.

Try to think about that how your bookings could be guaranteed?

One way to assure it is that you can configure salon online payment on your online booking website, customers need to pay partly or wholly for their bookings in advance.

On the other hand, you need to create your online booking website first, Beauty Wemero provides a customized booking website service freely to help you build your website.

Set up Deposits and Refund Policy for Your Online Bookings

When you start your salon online payment for online bookings, you should indicate your policy on your website and social media for the deposits and refund under different services.

Usually, the deposit for online bookings will be 20-40% of the total amount, and the refund charge would be around 0-10% of the total amount.

Be transparent about the salon policies and mention the salon online payment options to the customers. 

As a salon owner, you certainly don’t want to see more cancellations, so it is better that you can communicate with your customers about why they need to cancel bookings first.

You can adjust your deposit and refund policy, especially under a pandemic.

Make Your Salon Online Payment Visible

Create a prominent logo of salon online payment on your online booking website and social media to attract more customers.

Except for that, you can design a billboard on your window to remind the walk-in customers of the salon online payment, at the same time, encourage them to book on the website and enjoy exclusive online booking prices.

Record Your Salon Online Payment

Your bank or the government may inquire about the sales or the services when managing the finances. 

Hence it’s better to record everything with supporting documents to show that everything is organized if you have salon online payment. 

Beauty Wemero will manage your Finance effectively and smartly based on an AI-powered system, and it is the better choice to manage your salon online payment.

Encourage Salon Online Payment 

You can set up your salon online payment exclusive price to encourage customers to pay online.

Moreover, it will also boost your online bookings at the same time.

However, some customers still insist on paying in cash, you also need to prepare some cash for the change.

Automatic cancellation of unpaid reservations

When you provide the salon online payment, this option can be used to cancel those reservations that are unpaid in order to spare the occupied slots. 

You can set the maximum time span before the unpaid cancellation will be cancelled. 

Beauty Wemero Salon Online Payment Solution

Start New Sale

Beauty Wemero allows you to create a bill for the services, and you can receive money from online bookings and walk-in customers.

Meanwhile, the bill will be recorded into your Finance automatically, and you can look through your overall business as well.

Deposit Assure Your Bookings

Beauty Wemero enable you to formulate your salon online payment deposit and refund policy, you can have a different rate for deposit and refund charge.

Besides, you can adjust your rate once you would like to.

Customized Booking Website

On Beauty Wemero, you can build up an online booking website intelligently and connect your salon online payment.

Your website is also where you can showcase your online payment feature.

Credit Card Acceptable

Beauty Wemero realizes the credit card payment processing, you can receive the payment who use a credit card. 

Manage Your Finance

Your salon online payment requires management of finance, and Beauty Wemero will help manage your finance professionally.

Besides, you can generate reports based on different sales to analyze your business.

All-in-one Salon Software

More than salon online payment, Beauty Wemero salon software 13+ marketing tools will help you scale your salon business extensively.

You can also sell products online to increase revenue, too but without any platform fee!

Beauty Wemero All In one salon software
Beauty Wemero All In one salon software


Salon online payment is a little complex for most Salon owners; Wemero AI-Powered software will help you set out to make your Salon Online Payment.

In contrast to other salons/spa software, Wemero is the most valuable salon/spa software which integrated breakthrough function. 

Although it needs to take some time, it is worth doing very much and will benefit you long-term.

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