18 Tips for Salon/Spa Text Message Marketing

Why is Salon/Spa SMS Marketing important?

SMS marketing is involved deeply in our daily life, and right now each company or organization try to promote their services or send a promotion to their customers via SMS to retain them.

What are you waiting for? Have you ever considered growing your salon business with SMS Marketing?

As per the 2020 study, SMS marketing enhanced the salon industry by 70% better user engagement and retention to the salon.

If you didn’t start text marking for your salon then it is the right time to learn about how to grow your salon business or spa business using SMS marketing effectively.

SMS Marketing for Salon Business

Salon/spa SMS marketing is not only about the marketing, but it also helps you to communicate with your customers as well.

It is reported that 98% of the people will read the message within 3 minutes when the SMS reaches them in their spare time.

Besides this, SMS marketing cost less compared to other marketing.

18 Tips to Improve Your Salon/Spa SMS Marketing

Choose an effective statement

SMS mostly limits the 160 characters so when you decide to send text campaigns to your customers, try to be creative and show.

Provide Appealing Promotions

Do not hesitate to determine how much % off your customers in your salon are usually going to see and react based on your SMS marketing.

Based on customer’s activities, try to give them discounts and promote according to it.

Don’t Compose the SMS Long

We mentioned that try to make your content simplified, but at the same time, try to make your content short as many salons or spa owners would like to use the template when they do the salon/spa SMS marketing. 

Avoid Disturbing

Try to control your SMS marketing campaign frequency to make sure your SMS campaign should not make them irritate or disturb their time.

Yes, if you want to send some promotion or offer then you can use sometimes social media marketing too such as Facebook Marketing or Instagram marketing.

Schedule the Holiday

The holiday is always the best way to convince your customers and attract them by giving holiday day special discount.

You can use an SMS marketing scheduled campaign to schedule holiday-based campaigns for your customers.

Remember to Reply Your Customer

Plenty of salon/Spa owners tend to not keep in mind that they should reply to their customers during the salon/spa SMS marketing, which will weaken the campaign.

Salon/spa owners should reply to customers’ messages even it is just punctuation “?” so that customers will believe the authenticity of your marketing and bring more bookings.

Segment the salon/spa SMS marketing 

When it comes to the segmentation of salon/spa SMS marketing, people will question if it is necessary?

Of course, segmentation will improve the precision of your salon/spa SMS marketing which decides whether your salon/spa SMS marketing will succeed.

Collect More Contacts

Whenever there are walk-in customers in your salon store, try to collect their contacts by providing some gifts or extra services. 

Besides, you can create a rewarding mechanism to encourage your old customers to refer your salon/spa to their friends and record their contacts. 

That’s essential to salon/spa SMS marketing!

Track the Salon SMS marketing in Detail

Like most of the bosses, salon spa owners tend to pay attention to the revenue only, while open rate, click rate, reply rate or subscribe rate, etc., are also playing an important role. 

They reflect the different parts of your salon/spa SMS marketing when the content or the link location may not attract your customers, and you need to optimize accordingly.

Optimize the SMS to Retain Customers

When you obtain your salon/spa SMS marketing tracking, the next step is trying to improve the SMS.

If there are apparent defects associated with an SMS, try to change into another style and track the result again until you get a better result.

Reach the Potential Customers

Whether your customer is walk-in or referred by their friends, you should include them in the salon/spa SMS marketing as well.

It is better to set up a dedicated strategy like an exclusive discount for your new customer.

Select a Proper Time of a Day

Timing is everything in marketing. The perfect time is always treating as a golden ticket to success.

In the same concept, in-salon SMS marketing, please focus the time on which you want to schedule your SMS Campaign.

Remind Your Customer Due Rebooking

Maintaining the customer retention rate contributes to a large part of the salon/spa business. 

Therefore, an automatic SMS rebooking reminder would be a good idea for your salon/spa SMS marketing. 

Beauty Wemero features as part of SMS Automation marketing to send SMS reminders to customers to rebook or visit the store automatically.

Collect Feedback

It will show how we value their opinions and improve our salon/spa as a result. 

After the service, we can’t forget to collect feedback from our customers. 

Update Your Salon

Give your customers the faith that they are in the right salon/spa shop by publishing the business growth. 

Moreover, you can inform your customers that a new hairstylist joins your team. Welcome to the book. 

When you launch a new service or skill, welcome your customers to experience, etc.

Beauty Wemero Provides the Best Salon/Spa SMS Marketing

Beauty Wemero SMS Marketing

Boost your service and product sales by using Wemero Service / Product Campaign based on intelligent customer segmentation and target for better service booking reach to your customers.

Service / Product Campaign

Improve your service and product sales by using Wemero Service / Product Campaign based on intelligent customer segmentation and target for better service booking reach to your customers. 

Gift Card/ Membership Campaign

Boost your service and product sales by using Wemero Gift Card / Membership Campaign based on intelligent customer segmentation and target for better service booking reach to your customers.

Well-designed Templates

Beauty Wemero makes your salon/spa SMS marketing easier but efficient. Boost your salon/spa business just in several clicks.

Schedule Your Salon/Spa SMS Marketing

Work out your long-term plan on Beauty Wemero, save your efforts but enlarge the impact of your salon/spa SMS marketing.

And it will recommend sending time based on your location.

Before/ After Appointments Reminders

Time to remind your customers after/before they complete appointments by SMS reminders.

SMS Reminders

Automatically share the coupons when your referral customer refers to your salon/spa.  Both referral and referred customers will receive the coupons by SMS automatically.

Import and Export All of Your Customers 

You can export your customers with your marks conveniently. You can segment your customers and then export their 360 information.

Wemero SMS Marketing Credit Package

If you need any advice to boost your salon/spa business by salon/spa SMS marketing, Beauty Wemero will provide Expert Guidance for free!


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